GNU/Hurd Hosting

Have you heard about the GNU/Hurd!?

It's a fully freedom respecting and next-generational research operating system.

It works today, and it's fully capable to power your website!

Would you care to try it?

crown image

You are root

Sysadmins can't tell you no

Do what you want

Unleash your inner ganster

shield image

Secure by default

principle of least privledge

Firefox cannot access your pgp keys

No flatpak necessary

hammer image

Extensible system

alter any system service

tweak your os to your liking

dare crazy things

GNU Logo

Free Software

Run it for any reason

modify the source

share your changes

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1 GB of space

200MB of RAM

$10 a month*

*$5 per month discount

if you contribute to the hurd

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Access to GNU/Hurd documentation

Access to an online forum

Access to an online wiki